AP Dubex Wave : 99% drift reduction

With the by AP Dubex developed Wave system a drift reduction of 99%* can be achieved. The application of transparent screens enables you to observe the nozzles and the system is less sensitive to drift.

It has been proven that an improved deposition is accomplished with a small droplet. The big advantage of a smaller droplet in the traditional spraying technology however, is that they can be blown away. Wave settles that problem.

You can use much finer droplets compared to spraying with a conventional 50 cm nozzle spacing, while spraying low-drift. Even wind is no obstacle to obtain an excellent result. The WAVE screens can open the crop to achieve a better penetration into the crop, resulting in a perfect crop coverage. Besides that, you can spray much closer to the crop due to the nozzle spacing of 25 cm. The nozzles are well protected behind the WAVE screens. The nozzle holders on a threefold boom are mounted on the outside behind a stainless steel protective tube.

Due to the drift reduction a smaller quantity of the crop protection product is needed, which obviously results in cost savings. Furthermore the product will better penetrate the crop by opening it, so that
many possible diseases can be prevented/treated early. At last you will increase the capacity of your field sprayer because you need less water by spraying with a smaller droplet.

* Attention : these percentages apply to the Dutch law and are only indicative for foreign laws.

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All WAVE advantages at a glance

  • 99%* Drift reduction at a maximum nozzle height of 20 cm
    above the crop
  • No crop damage on neighbouring plots
  • Better penetration of the product by opening the crop
  • Better coverage thanks to small droplet
  • Cost reduction on crop protection product
  • Savings on water use
  • More efficient use of work hours
  • Larger capacity while less water is required

* Attention : these percentages apply to the Dutch law and are only indicative for foreign laws.

The WAVE system can also be built on existing machines, consult your dealer for details.