Trailed sprayers

The DUBEX trailed field sprayer series are known as the Junior, Vector, Mentor, Actor, Stentor and Maxtor II. Machines with a tank capacity from 2,300 to 16,000 litres and a spraying boom width from 18 to 52 metres. Development, production and sales are subject to the strictest regulations and all machines are tested in accordance with European Directive EN 13790.

Choosing for a customized field sprayer will enable you to work as efficiently as possible in your specific business situation. In many respects, the DUBEX field sprayer is the ideal solution for all types of crop protection. The large pump capacity ensures fast tank filling and the crop protection agent can be added via a filling and rinsing device, or directly through the tank opening. You clean the containers at the same time. The machines are compact and therefore easy to manage.













The tank

The 2,300 to 6,000 litre models are fitted with a light and strong polyethylene tank. The polyethylene surface on the inside is very smooth and the inside of the tank can be cleaned fast and easy by very effective tank rinsing nozzles. A clean water tank is integrated into the main tank which also acts as a baffle plate. The movements of the fluid are minimized in combination with ribs on the top of the tank, which results in a stable and safe behavior when driving on the road. The tank outlet is an integrated part of the tank, which allows 100% use of the spray-mixture. The standard mechnical levelindicator can optionally be replaced by an electronic version. In that case, the actual fluid level is displayed both on the field sprayer and in the spraying computer.

The frame

The frame is a solid construction and is the backbone of the machine. It forms a solid basis for the suspension of the spraying boom. The axles are also generously dimensioned. Many track-widths can be achieved by combining axle and wheels. All axles are fitted with a hydraulic, or optionally, a twoline air-brake system. The optional DUBEX air suspension

gives a stable and calm drive, and it also reduces the workload for the spray-booms and the construction. The automatic height adjustment system keeps the machine at the same height independent from the machine load.

Trail control device

The automatic hitch drawbar remains the best sytem to ensure, within small margins of the cultivation system, that both wheels follow the tractors trails exactly. The track-width of the field sprayer remains the same whether the turn is slight or sharp. The hitch drawbar can of course also be operated manually from the control box. In automatic mode, two sensors ensure accurate trail control. If the field sprayer is fitted with an ISOBUS spraying computer, the electronic operated Trail-Control can steer the drawbar, as well as the axle-steering version. Axle steering is preferrer when large booms (36 meter and more) are used. A minimum track-width of 2.00 meter is advised. The minimum turning radius depends from wheelsize and track-width. The axle-steering is more smooth for the boom when making turns. The drawbar is designed to be hitched to the high position, or optional on the low position. A ball-type hitch is available as a play-free coupling.


Many machines are used in agriculture and their operation can often be complex. DUBEX develops its machines in such a way that their operation is logical and intuitive. The latest electronics helps you to easily achieve the best results. Simple calibration and embedded checks make this technology easy to operate.


All operating elements, filling and rinsing devices (options) are on the left side. You can simply operate them when standing next to the machine. When filling through the tank-lid the rinsing valves are next to the large loading platform. With the suction valves you can chose between filling and circulating. Each pump has its own suction valve and enables the filling capacity to be adjusted to the applied crop protection agent.



When the field sprayer is equipped with two pumps, one pump will be connected as the mixing pump and the other as the spraying pump. The tank selection control determines whether spraying fluid or clean water is drawn in. Once a minimum level is reached, the mixing pump will no longer stir. The return line from the pressure regulator can also be fed direct to the suction line. The spraying fluid is not stirred any more and foam formation is prevented.



Turbo-shaped cleaning discs are fitted in the top of the tank. These ensure that the tank is cleaned efficiently and effectively.



Would you like to automate the cleaning process? The field sprayer can be fitted with the DUBEX ?Autoflush? system. This is a system by which the machine can be cleaned quickly and completely. After operating electric valves, the mixing pump cleans the inside of the spraying tank with the cleaning discs. While cleaning the residual fluid will be diluted in a few steps by the spray pump and can be sprayed on the field. Thus the field sprayer cleans itself and only clean water will remain in the system once the process is finished.

Container cleaning

DUBEX offers two possibilities for adding crop protection agents and for rinsing containers. The tank is filled and rinsed via the tank-lid as standard. A filling and rinsing device is available as an option. This is fitted together with the control group on the left side of the machine and comes complete with an internal flush unit, injector to move the liquid to the main tank and container cleaning rotating spray-nozzle. When filling and rinsing are done the device is folded away compactly next to the machine.



All DUBEX field sprayers are fitted with piston membrane pumps as standard. These pumps, the heart of the machine, are reliable and resist to most crop protection agents. The pump capacity varies from 1x 210 to 2 x 400 litres a minute


Permanent circulation

The best of the best! The trailed DUBEX models are fitted as standard with a spraying boom circulation system including air operated nozzle holders. The high-quality circulation system lets the pump spray fluid or clean water under normal pressure through the spray lines with the nozzle holders closed. The nozzle holders are actively opened using compressed air and are normally closed for safety. All nozzle holders release spray fluid immediately and simultaneously on opening the sections over all the boom-width. The notorious V-shape due to the delayed arrival of full concentration spraying liquid is finally a thing of the past. The nozzle holders are controlled by compressed air. If compressed air is not available, an electric 12 Volt compressor with an air reservoir for feeding the system fully automatically is available. The machine is fitted as standard with a compressed air gun for nozzle tips or filter cleaning.


DUBEX field sprayers are precision machines. Machines that work for you to optimize crop protection. The spraying computers are designed to help you with this operation. They are simple, reliable and high-performance!


For the more demanding user: the ISOBUS system. With this system it is possible to operate several ISOBUS implements with one terminal. Each ISOBUS-controlled implement, such as a field sprayer, a fertiliser spreader or a sowing machine, etc. has its own jobcomputer and is linked via a nine-pole plug to the terminal in the cabin of the tractor.

The BASIC-Terminal or COMFORT-Terminal can be operated intuitively with the joystick. The ISOBUS systems supports automatic GPS section control, indivdual nozzle switching, Distance-Control for automatic boom height guidance, and Tank control with functions to automatic turn off the fill valves when the required tanklevel is reached..

SPRAY-Control S

With the SPRAY-Control S, you have all aspects of the machine under control: main on-off, section switching, hydraulic functions, trail control device, etc. Operation is straight forward an easy.

Spraying boom

The basic series has a working width of 27 metres, while the heavy series is available from 30 to a maximum of 52 metres. All DUBEX spraying booms are fitted with the proven ?Superbalans? system. A unique system whereby the spraying boom is freely suspended and hardly any movements are transferred to the spraying boom. The spraying boom always balances independently and quickly. The spraying boom also reacts quickly to any balance correction.



As well as swinging vertically, spraying booms also move horizontally. DUBEX field sprayers are therefore fitted with an innovative ?Anti-Sweep-System?, which effectively suppresses the forward and backward movement of the spraying boom. Powerful gas dampers are used to dampen this movement.


Nozzle tips

Apart from the the usual nozzle tips, DUBEX offers alternative systems such as the Airtec system , airsleeve system and a screenspray system The sections can be arranged in a way that the edge and side tips can be switched separately.