Spray computers and electronics


ISOBUS is a uniform language, that enables standardised communication between several tractors and implements. A huge step forwards in convenience, efficiency and cost reduction.

Only one terminal for multiple machines

You no longer need a separate terminal for each machine, you can use just one terminal for multiple machines. This means that you can immediately connect the machines “plug & play” to an ISOBUS tractor. Using its control and operating settings, the terminal brings the implement into view automatically.

Every AP DUBEX machine is equipped with an ISOBUS jobcomputer. This SPRAYER-Controller MIDI is an ISOBUS jobcomputer that handles the complete control of the machine. Depending on the sprayer’s equipment, one or more jobcomputers will be installed.

1: Jobcomputer 1
2: Distributor Jobcomputer 1
3: Jobcomputer 2
4: Distributor Jobcomputer 2
5: Jobcomputer DBL
6: Manifold distributor


You can choose between the below mentioned Müller or Trimble Terminals. All terminals contain as standard the “ISOBUS-UT-UNLOCK” which means that all machines with an ISOBUS Jobcomputer can be controlled by these terminals. Usually the terminals are combined with a joystick that brings you the most important functions within easy reach. Additionally, multiple apps on these terminals can be activated to increase the functionality. Naturally you can, in consultation with us, also have AP Dubex machines that are provided with an ISOBUS-Jobcomputer controlled by an ISOBUS terminal of a different brand.

The TOUCH800 offers all of the basic functions that are required to operate an ISOBUS-implement and equipped with an 800×600 pixels TFT dual-touch colour display. The touchscreen is protected by film so it stands up to the tough use in agriculture. Data can be transferred with a USB memory drive or an external modem. Thanks to the high resolution, the data can be shown on two windows simultaneously, like on a main window and on a header window.

TOUCH1200 is the latest-generation ISOBUS-terminal: flexible, versatile and user friendly. The TOUCH1200 can be used both in portrait and in landscape format to meet the client’s wishes. In the user interface up to five precision farming functionalities can be displayed simultaneously. At present, no other terminal offers this versatility. The touchscreen is protected by film so it stands up to the tough use in agriculture. The TOUCH1200 comprises standard machine control (ISOBUS-UT-app) and ISOBUS-task management (ISOBUS-TC-app).

The Trimble GFX-750 display is equipped with a 10” touchscreen and offers extensive possibilities for precision farming, like section control, variable rate control, wireless data exchange and full ISOBUS support. Trimble is the only manufacturer that provides a display with Android. Major advantage of Android is its intuitive functionality and the fact that many users already use it on their smartphone and tablet pc. Furthermore you can install apps so that the display offers more than just precision farming functions. The GFX-750 is suitable for automatic steering with a steering motor, CAN-bus on prepared tractors and hydraulic control.

During work, everything under control!

The ISOBUS-Joystick is a “must” as optional equipment to every ISOBUS terminal! The joystick enormously facilitates the control so you, as driver, can concentrate on the work. The joystick can be retrofitted on almost any tractor.

The S-Box is an additional module for section control. It can be installed directly under the terminal and facilitates the manual switching of individual sections. The direct access to the individual sections makes the S-BOX ideal for localized spraying.

The HQ (High Quality) camera provides you with “eyes in the back of your head”. This camera can be mounted on the machine and enables you a better sight on the functioning of your machine or on things taking place behind you during spraying. The display of the camera system is integrated in the ISOBUS terminal.

Every AP Dubex machine is delivered as standard with the digital level measuring system TANK-Control. Tank-Control enables an extremely accurate display of the current tank content. Optionally it can be provided with an automatic fill stop.

The current tank content can be read both on the Tank-Control display on the machine and on the ISOBUS terminal in the tractor. Furthermore, the terminal in the tractor displays the amount of acres and metres you can spray with the current tank content.


LeapBox is a one-of-a-kind PWM system due to its unique performance levels such as L/ha versus km/h. It consists of a few basic elements : the LeapCore, modules, valves, power- and data converters. Each module controls 4 valves.
The LeapBox system enables spraying as you imagine it in a perfect world, without compromising on precision and variation. LeapBox controls the dosage based on a fixed pressure, so that the optimal droplet size
is always maintained. Furthermore the rate is turn compensated.

Leap-Core (yellow) controls the system. The module (green) regulates the application rate by the hi-speed valves (blue) at the nozzles.