Model 8

The model of the mounted sprayers is the Model 8. A compact machine with an empty weight of 900 kilos and a tank capacity of up to 1,100 liters. Equipped as standard with a Super-Balance system and a solid construction. The machine is compact, with the booms being folded longitudinally next to the sprayer. A professional machine that is very suitable for the heavier work.



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Sustainable APDubex Technology

For efficient processing of large areas, the Model 8 has a working width of 15, 18, 21, 24 or 27 meters. The construction can be operated hydraulically and can be folded compactly next to the machine. As standard, the machine is equipped with a Super Balans system, hydraulic height-adjustable booms and a horizontal damping system. All useful features that will significantly extend the life of your Model 8 with this working width.


Impression video 2019

Below a short impression video of a Model 8 bj 2019 with WAVE option.


Performance of Format

Model 8 is standard ISObus, and equipped with air closable caps and a loop system. The machine can be equipped with 5 to 13 electric section valves and a robust piston-diaphragm pump of 260 liters per minute. Larger pumps with a capacity of 300 liters per minute are available, as well as separate machining of the top sections. For example, with Model 8 you combine the dexterity of a mounted sprayer with the solid performance of a trailed sprayer. Features that significantly extend the life of your Model 8 with this working width.


Compact Stability

The Model 8, like the other APDubex sprayers, has a lightweight, strong polyethylene tank. It is very convenient to use. With its smooth interior and built-in rinsing head, cleaning is very easy. The main tank is installed together with an 80 liter clean water tank in a compact manner in a fixed frame. This results in a particularly stable unit during use.


Standard options

The frame

  • – Aluminum box on swingarm
  • – Bolts, nuts and hose clamps made of stainless steel
  • – Plascoat powder coating treatment, suitable for liquid fertilizers
  • – LED RDW Lighting and loading signs according to vehicle regulations

Boom & folding system

  • – Electro-hydraulic height adjustment
  • – Balance correction and electro-hydraulic folding main booms and top ends at the same time
  • – Sprung boom suspension
  • – ‘Super balance’ balancing system
  • – Horizontal damping system with gas spring dampers
  • – Break-back protection of the top ends (forwards and backwards)

Dimensions and weight

  • – Empty weight 900kg
  • – Length 3.68m
  • – Width 2.82 m
  • – Height 2.65

Spray installation

  • – Electric main tap and section control
  • – Isobus
  • – Induction loop with pneumatic socket switching
  • – Compressed air system + spray gun
  • – Polyethylene tank 1100l (actual content 1200l)
  • – Pump 260 l / min, 15 bar
  • – PTO shaft
  • – Large pressure gauge (diam. 100 mm) with fine scale
  • – stainless steel spray line (Aisi 304)
  • – Spray gun with approx. 5 m hose
  • – Suction hose 6 m with camlock coupling, suction strainer and float
  • – Press filter 100 mesh (mesh size 173 ┬Ám)
  • – Tank control
  • – 80 l clean water tank with 3-way tap for rinsing pipes
  • – Rinsing disc in tank
  • – Stainless steel filling and rinsing device 25 l
  • – Drain tap- Elektrische hoofdkraan- en sectiebediening