Dubex DBL+

Work smarter

DBL+ is exclusively available from Dubex and fits very well with the superbalance system, which is already standard on our machines.

The "superbalance" system known from Dubex Europe has a suspension point that can move back and forth, so that the unevenness in the terrain only has a minimal effect on the behaviour of the spray boom. And this shows a constant spray pattern.

On slopes, however, manual adjustments have to be made, and even in bends, the tree has the natural
The tendency is to go down on the inside.

We have developed a system for this that also adjusts our superbalance in bends and slopes. The software that now controls the tree not only works with ultrasonic sensors for height control but also uses a gyroscope. This determines how fast the tree rotates, and then indicates, in cooperation with the height sensors, how quickly the correction should be made. The system also offers compensation for driving through the bend.

The electronics ensure that movement is stabilised very quickly, so that separate dampers are no longer needed.

Why DBL+

  • Automatic height control
  • Electronic spirit level
  • Automatic ramp correction
  • Spray bearing, up to 25 cm above the crop, so less drift
  • Excellent deposition
  • Very stable in the bend
  • Great ease of operation
  • Cupropper management
  • Working a floatter
  • High ROI and efficiency, ask for our investment examples